the stickler bw

Using "the stickler" you can clean virtually every hold on your next boulder problem. We are basically seeking the best possible friction between skin and rock, this is obtained by dry and clean surfaces.

"the stickler" has been developed by a group of climbers for the last couple of years. It is made completely by hand and in limited numbers.

In short "the stickler" is an adapter that fastens your favourite brush, be it Lapis or Metolius or similar, to an extendable pole. Using the clamp lever it is extremely fast and simple to change the angle of the brush between 0 and 180 degrees.

Tilting the brush makes it possible to reach all kinds of different holds rangeing from slopers, undercuts, crimpers to pockets. Even holds only reached from the top of the boulder can be cleaned.

"the stickler" will take most ordinary tooth brushes but is designed to work particularly well with the Lapis brush and to some extent Metolius M16.

The extendable pole it is to be fastened to should be made of metal (aluminum/steel) and have a diameter less than 24 mm. The Anza pole is particularly suitable.

So, get rid of your finger tape fixes and get "the sticker". Brush and boulder in style!


NB The Stickler is beeing reengineered. Check back later for updates.